'Thank you Mr Tay for being helpful. We had a good stay at Pegaga Villa and enjoyed our time in Melaka.'

Mandy L., 33, Ipoh, Malaysia
24 April 2013

'We had a wonderful time in Melaka. Madam Gan gave us a tour of all the Villas. We ended up staying Teratai Villa for a month with our children. In all, it was a really good place for a family holiday and good value for money."
Sharly and Paul Pincotto, London, UK.
09 March 2013

'We have been living here for 3 months, moved here for work relocation. The villa is in a great spot. Not a lot of cars passing by which we like. It's close to Jusco and Tesco, where we do our shopping. The 20 minute drive to town area is great for us as we work in the area.'
Mrs. Fu, 55, Melaka, Malaysia
18 Feb 2013

'4 stars. Don't play-play! (after Phua Chu Kang)'
Lizzy, 19, Singapore
01 June 2012

'It's probably one of the nicest place we stayed for holidays.'
Lee family, Malaysia
15 April 2012

'Thank you for the hospitality. The house is in immaculate condition. Really lovely place for a homestay!'
Jaime K, 39, Malaysia
03 March 2012

'Top notch! Came over for a short break with two kids. Great place to stay. The owner gave us a list of awesome places to eat (which we treasured!). The Melakan food is simply amazing especially the nyonya food, nasi lemak and Hainanese chicken rice!'
Jessica and John Taskovska, 38, New Zealand
08 Feb 2012

'OMG! Most fun ever. My friends and I booked this place over the holidays for a fraction of the price you pay at hotels. Great value! I would recommend this place to all my family and friends!'
Michelle, 22, Malaysia
24 Dec 2011

'We had a nice stay over the holidays. The neighbourhood is safe and quiet.'
Feliz Yeo, 31, Malaysia
27 Aug 2011

'Thanks for everything! Great place for family gathering!'
Nur Hidayah, 33, Malaysia
1 May2011

'The house was well kept and maintained. Lovely bungalow, will definitely come again when I visit my family in Melaka.'
Min, 44, JB, Malaysia
9 Mar 2010

'Great place! Spacious + clean bungalow for a fraction of what you pay for in hotels. Highly recommend it.'
Jason T, 51, Singapore
27 Feb 2010

'Hari Raya di Palembang Villa Homestay, 9 out of 10. Terima kasih.'
Kasim Rashid and friends, 23, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18 Feb 2010

'We had a very pleasant CNY holiday. Thanks.'
Michael & family, 33, Penang, Malaysia
6 Feb 2011

'BBQ with friends at NYE. Great place.'
Wee, 25, Ipoh, Malaysia
31 Dec 2010

'Lokasi yang bagus untuk Melaka Homestay. Palembang Villa sungguh selesa dan lengkap. Akan datang lagi (dengan seisi keluarga!) '
Sofia, 35, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
25 May 2010

'Terima kasih kepada pengurusan di Palembang Villa, Melaka. Homestay menarik dan cukup selesa. Penginapan di sini sungguh strategik, berdekatan tempat-tempatyang menarik di Ayer Keroh dan Bandar Melaka. Boleh syorkan kepada rakan-rakan kami. Semoga bertemu kembali. Thanks dari Saiful dan Sarah Aida'
Saiful, 48, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
10 Julai 2010

'I was staying with my friends in Palembang Villa for 3 weeks, during my aussie summer hols. It was brand new during our stay. We had the whole place to ourselves. Big house with spacious kitchen + lounge room. We paid Rm 100 per room, attached bathroom. Worth it! Love the place and the Melakan food so much! Just down the street, there's a delish local malay food stall.'
Leon Korobacz, 28, Sydney
August 2010

'Thanks for everything! We celebrated Christmas at Palembang Villa. It was lovely!'
Kelly, 23, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
24 Dec 2009